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American-Flag-in-the-SunPaul Busso

Social Studies 7 and 8

smiley-bounce001Welcome students and parents!. 

The history of the United States and New York State is divided between grades 7 and 8. Both content and skills are heavily emphasized, providing a base for future social studies and history courses. The seventh graders developed an understanding of the major events and developments from the Pre-Columbian period through the American Civil War, while eighth graders will develop the same from the Reconstruction Era to the World Today.

Eighth graders will continue to build upon the important social studiesskills they were introduced to last year. These skills include but are not limited to: the gathering and interpretation of historical information including primary source material and documents crucial to the development of American democracy, and the use and analysis of various maps, charts and graphs relevant to American History, geography and economics.


What is my grading policy ? teacher-smiley-emoticon

• Test /Projects – 65%

• Quizzes – 35 %


When do I have extra help?    yellow-smiley-confused-emoticon

img_animated_arrowExtra help is available to all students who put forth and honest effort.  Although children are encouraged to ask questions in class, I am  available:

Morning – With few exceptions. I am in my room at 7:30 every morning. After making an appointment, students are welcome to come and speak to me regarding any problems or concerns they may have.

Lunch – We share a lunch period so students are welcome to come up then.

After School –  With the exception of Tuesdays, I am available many afternoon.

                                               *Students should give as much prior notice as possible.  


How can you contact me? smileys contact me

• You can call me by phone at (516) 992-7650

• You and/or your child can email me at

• Using the user name and password provided to you by the school, you can check your child’s progress at any time through the Plainedge Public Schools webpage at – click on the “Powergrade” icon